We’re online!

The website is sparse, but as of December 2013, it is correct – see hours and location on the right, or give us a call. We’ll be updating the site to give you even more information

2 thoughts on “We’re online!”

  1. Hello

    I bought Baldrian 33 yesterday and they appear to be Sleep Aides and I sure don’t need those… I did some research and Baldrian 33+ are the Muscle Relaxants. Do you have those?

    Thanks, Gary

    1. Hey Gary,

      Your best bet is to call the office about that one – (530) 274-0868. I (Nick), don’t know the answer to that, but Malvina or Karen will. As far as I know, we do have those – I know Karen uses Baldrian for muscle relaxation, but I can’t confirm which one she has. Thanks!

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